Seeking a flexible alternative to running a restaurant? A catering business allows you to run a foodservice operation that doesn’t require standard hours or a predictable schedule. Catering businesses are typically much easier to start than a restaurant. If you are looking at setting up a catering license in Dubai, here are some of the requirements for a catering license.

When applying for a commercial license for a layout shall be provided to (Dubai Municipality) Food Control Department with a detailed plan, which is submitted through an approved engineering office. This plan shall indicate all activities, equipment, and specifications of building materials, as per the following conditions:

Buildings and area

  • The area shall not be less than 1000 square feet. Area of Kitchen to be 50% of total whichever is bigger
  • Materials used in floors, walls, and ceiling, shall to be washable easy clean, nonabsorbent, fireproof, light-colored, smooth, and nontoxic and with no cracks. Floor properly sloped to facilitate draining. All joints between the walls and the floors, between the walls and the ceilings should be tightly closed and concave to facilitate cleaning.
  • Provide adequate ventilation an lighting .lights must have plastic cover
  • Water and drainage connections shall be inside the wall and shall not be visible on the outside. If it was not possible to comply with this point, these connections shall be fixed about 1 inch away from the walls.
  • Rust proof water heater with filters.
  • Provide insect killer and windows and doors should be tightly closed to prevent the entry of insects and rodents.
  • No grease traps in the kitchen.
  • The workflow shall be in order in the kitchen design to avoid interference and cross-contamination

Initial washing and disinfecting area

  • Special door for receiving food items away from the main entrance.
  • Provide initial washing area for vegetables supplied with double bowl stainless steel sink and disinfectant and a drier before storing.

Dried, cold and frozen storage area:

  • Every food item shall be stored at a suitable temperature, room temperature or chilled not more than 4˚C or frozen not less than -18˚C.
  • Store shall be arranged in FIFO (first in first out) way that facilitates the process of first in first out and dried food items shall away from the chillers.
  • Storing of pesticides and cleaning chemicals materials strongly not allowed to be stored in food stores.
  • Storing of food items shall be arranged in a way that all parts can be reached easily (straight lines, not congested and in a suitable height)
  • Stainless steel shelves and pallets for keeping food items with a height not less than 30cm from the ground.
  • Space for air circulation so it can pass in a large possible area.
  • Strong essence materials shall be stored in special locations.
  • Using the passages for storing food items not allowed.
  • Food items shall be stored away from the walls.
  • Food items packets shall be stored in a way that allows easy reading of labels.
  • Packets of food items shall be placed in a way that facilitates the withdrawal of old ones first.

For a detailed list of the regulations for setting up a catering company, contact one of our consultants for a free consultation on setting up a catering license.