Meals on wheels never looked so tasty. The Food Truck Craze is in!

Before 2014 food trucks didn’t have much of a reputation in Dubai but now Dubai’s famed culinary scene includes food trucks serving a huge variety of quality cuisine.

Gone are the days of food trucks being the domain of late-night kebabs. The new food trucks have cemented their place on the Dubai dining landscape and command cult status, with crowds of hungry fans tracking their activity on social media. Food trucks tick all the boxes – they’re spontaneous, delicious and feel a little bit like a scavenger hunt.

This new wave of casual dining has gained traction as aspiring restaurant owners and entrepreneurs test the water in our expensive city with a mobile offering before committing to a mortar investment.The food truck movement hasn’t been without contention, though, due to the forever changing requirements of the UAE’s Government Institutions and Ministries, food trucks are not the cheapest to set-up.

There have been hundreds of misconceptions and misunderstandings formed. Here a few:

  • Comprehensive business plan required by DED
  • Food truck can be standalone without being associated to a kitchen
  • Food can be prepared on the truck
  • Food truck can visit and park in any location

Here is an overview of some of the requirements that you will need to be aware of:

  • DED approval for a restaurant or a catering licence (includes getting a premises for the restaurant, completing the fit- out and receiving approval from municipality)
  • Registering the food truck under the company name through RTA
  • Municipality approval for the fitout of the truck and the kitchen/restaurant
  • Approvals to park in chosen location/locations

If you are looking at setting up your own food truck and are looking for some guidance with the process, How2UAE can assist you with incorporation process, for a swift and successful business set-up.