Free Zone Event Management License

When most entrepreneurs are exploring their options of setting up a company, they often look for the most economical solution for a setup. In most cases, this ends up being a Free Zone License. If you are looking at setting up an Event Management License and are looking at setting it up through a Free Zone, here are some guidelines and limitations to holding a Free Zone Event Management License.

Firstly, let’s assess how Free Zone’s define Event Management. Event Management Licenses in Free Zone’s are defined as companies promoting and managing their own business events, or who are contracted by third parties to plan and manage corporate events.

Permissible activities shall only and strictly include the following:
1. Organize, manage and promote gala events, award ceremonies, conventions, conferences, meetings, product launches, seminars and other business-related events.
2. May only organize group hotel bookings for the attendees of the Event, as long as said group hotel bookings are in strict and direct relation with the Event organized by Licensee.
3. Promote and sell tickets for Event managed by Licensee

Non-permissible activities shall include but shall not be limited to the following:
1. Carrying out any civil / construction works such as building stages, scaffolding, exhibition stands or any other construction work.
2. Trading activities (This includes import and export of products).
3. Training Activities.
4. Talent Agency’s Activities.
5. Venue Management.
6. Organize and promote events without the approval of the appropriate authorities.

Special conditions attached to the license include:

1. Sale and distribution of tickets for events held outside the Free Zone are subject to guidelines of appropriate authorities (i.e. DED, DTCM, or the DM).
2. Sale and distribution of tickets in the other Emirates and other Countries are subject to the laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines of the relevant authorities in the respective Emirates or Countries.
3. A licensee shall be fully responsible for complete ticket refund in the case of event cancellation. Furthermore, Licensee shall enter into and secure proper Insurance Agreements to cover any and all costs and reimbursements in case of event cancellation. The Authority reserves the right to inspect the activities, files, and affairs of the Licensee at any point in time.
4. The Authority is not obliged to assist the Licensee in obtaining any permission that may be required in seeking approvals and/or licenses and/or permits from other governmental authorities including DED, DM and DTCM.
5. The Authority is not obliged to obtain or seek to obtain for Licensee any exemptions and dispensations from any requirements of the DED, DM or the DTCM.
6. Licensee shall at all times inform all personnel, employees, artists, technicians and/or any other person or entity working with Licensee (“Licensee Dependents”) about any and all regulations, guidelines, laws or texts related to the activity of Licensee (including but not limited to the Free Zone Authority Code of Guidance). Furthermore, Licensee shall at all times be fully
responsible for all damages arising from the actions of Licensee’s Dependents.
7. The use of the term “Festival” is subject to the prior written approval of the relevant authorities.
8. A licensee shall secure relevant approvals and authorizations and enter into related agreements prior to the use of any Intellectual Property, information or documents owned by third parties.
9. Tickets, websites, posters, banners, leaflets and all marketing material related to the use of the License should always expressly state any relevant general public information.