How to set-up a Free Zone Gym License | Fitness Centre | Health Club

Considering opening a gym in a Free Zone? Get your heart rate going with our business guide which shows you how to set up a gym in a Free Zone. The issue of health and fitness is never extended out of the media these days. With obesity levels rising there’s a high demand for gyms and fitness centers. Exercise comes in many forms, and most commercial gyms will offer group classes, as well as an area for individual fitness training. If you are considering a Free Zone Gym License, then here are the regulations you need to be aware of before setting up.

Gym License permissible activities shall only and strictly include the following:

  1. Physical exercise and training for fitness and weight loss.
  2. Meditation sports including yoga and tai-chi.
  3. Provide different types of massage.

Gym License non-permissible activities shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

  1. Performing of any medical or physiological treatments for rheumatism or any other similar diseases
  2. Use of electrical therapeutic machines ultrasound machines or other similar treatment machines by unqualified staff
  3. Allowing patients diagnosed with infectious diseases to enter or perform any activity in the health club/fitness center
  4. Use of health club/fitness center premises for staff accommodation purposes
  5. Causing disturbance as a result of noise from sporting activities
  6. Employment of women in or allowing them entry to gents health clubs/fitness centers
  7. Employment of men in or allowing them entry to ladies health clubs/fitness centers

There are also special conditions that come along with the setup of a gym.

  1. Instructors and users of the facilities in the fitness clubs/health centers are required to wear gym wear.
  2. All staff employed in health clubs  /  fitness centers  are required  to maintain personal hygiene.
  3. All staff performing massages are required to  be duly  qualified from DOHMS.
  4. Weight reducing diets are to  be prescribed  and supervised  by qualified  nutritionist only.
  5. Gyms/Health clubs/fitness centers  should be equipped with the following:
    • Source for drinking water;
    • Sufficient number of clean WC for males and females;
    • One shower for every six (6) persons;
    • Changing area with cupboards/lockers;
    • All necessary first aid items;
    • Well maintained furniture and machines;
    • Maintain smoke-free environment and place signage to that effect;
    • Fire extinguisher system approved by Civil Defence;
    • Suitable ventilation  and  lighting  (availability  of  fresh  air  not  less  than 20 cubic foot per person designed as full occupancy);
    • Washed and cleaned towels after each use;
    • Proper drainage system;
    • Detergents and disinfectants;
    • Hand wash basin with liquid hand soap and tissues;
    • Floor for the sports apparatus is required to be made from latex for shock resistance.  Other  areas  are  required  to  be  smooth  and  easy  to  clean; an
    • Presence of separation between ladies and gents health clubs/fitness centers.
    • Swimming pools (if approved) are required to satisfy health conditions as determined and imposed  by the  Environmental and  Safety  Protection  Section in Dubai Municipality.

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