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General Trading License

It’s exciting to undertake a new business venture, but there are a number of administrative tasks that need to be undertaken before you can begin operating. First and foremost, you’ll need to obtain a specific trading license or general trading license to ensure compliance.

Working out which professional license best suits your enterprise, finding a suitable office location, and managing the bureaucracy of the corporate establishment can prove to be both confusing and frustrating, especially if you are an inexperienced entrepreneur. The experienced How2UAE team will help you navigate all of these challenges and help you obtain a professional license Dubai.

Understanding the basics of a general trading license

The mainland and the economic free zones are the two distinct areas in Dubai where you can do business. It’s important to pick the area which best suits the needs and scope of your enterprise.

Those who decide to incorporate on the mainland will need a professional license or commercial license. The How2UAE team has many years of experience helping clients obtain general trading licenses and is well placed to support you. We’ll work to ensure the process is completed quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with establishing your company in Dubai’s competitive commercial sector.

How2UAE: we’ll help you get the type of professional license that you need

The How2UAE team includes incorporation experts who are able to help you with a comprehensive range of administrative services pertaining to the registration of your business. Regardless of whether you need to obtain a general trading license in Dubai or any other administrative document, our team will ensure that the application and approval process is smooth and stress free. Obtaining a general trading license in Dubai entitles you to a number of advantages including:

  • No operational restrictions
  • The flexibility to expand
  • The ability to conduct business in any part of the UAE
  • No recruiting or office space restrictions
  • No registration or visa limitations
  • Tax exemptions

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Types of commercial licenses available in Dubai

There are more than 2600 different business activities registered with the Department of Economic Development in the UAE. It’s important to register your business correctly according to it’s scope and activity to ensure compliance. Some of the broader categories your business activities may fall under include:


Professional Services

  • Professional Services
  • Commercial Activities
  • Tourism Activities
  • Industrial Activities

Onshore company formation process

Trade Name Reservation

Trade name reservation is the first step in the process of company registration Once your company name is established, it provides the basis for all supplementary approvals. There are specific guidelines outlining how to select a company name which a How2UAE consultant will be able to provide you with.


Initial Approval

The risk factors and categorization of your business activity will determine how much due diligence is required before initial approval can be granted. Risk factors considered include any which may pose a threat to humans, animals or the environment. The higher the level of associated risk, the more administrative approval is required. Business activities can be classified as ‘no risk’ ‘low risk’, ‘medium risk’ and ‘high risk’.


Additional Approvals from Related Ministries

Once initial approval is granted, subsequent approvals from the relevant authorities is still required. The ministry may specify a set of requirements which need to be met before approval can be granted. However, some business activities require no approval other than from the Department of Economic Development.


Notary Public

Once approval is granted, the incorporation documents need to be formalised before a notary. The incorporation documents required before your commercial license or professional license is granted will depend on the legal compliance requirements of your type of enterprise.


Attestation of Tenancy Agreement

Part of the incorporation process includes registering an office space. You need to obtain a tenancy agreement for land which is zoned for your particular business activities and registered. This can be checked with the local municipality.


Final Approval

The last step of the incorporation process is the issuing of your general trading license. Trade license.


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