Free Zone Salon License | Beauty Salon | Hairdresser | Hair Salon

Look at any retail space, and you’re bound to spot a salon. Viewed as an essential part of many UAE resident’s grooming habits, hairdressing salons have remained relatively resilient over recent years, in spite of the economic challenges. So whether you’re considering opening a small, relaxing hairdressers, a super slick salon or a traditional barbershop, here is what you need to think about before pulling out the scissors and obtaining a salon license?

Salon’s setup through a Free Zone is allowed to:

  1. Hair cutting and hair care services;
  2. Nail care services;
  3. Skin care services;
  4. and other beauty treatment services.

Non-permissible activities shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

  1. Allow the use  of any  therapeutic or  beauty equipment  before getting approval from Dubai Health Authority.
  2. Employment of women in or allowing them entry to male beauty salons.
  3. Employment of men in or allowing them entry to female beauty salons.
  4. Use of Beauty Salon premises for staff accommodation purposes.
  5. Allowing cooking to be conducted in the salon

Here are some conditions that must be adhered to when setting up the salon

  1. Employees of the Licensee must wear the appropriate uniform during working hours.
  2. All staff employed by the  Licensee are required to maintain personal hygiene.
  3. Beauty salons are required to meet the following requirements:
    • Location approved by Planning Department of Dubai Municipality;
    • Signboard placed at the entrance of the beauty salon;
    • Salon size must not be less than 3.0m wide x 3.5m in length for one dressing chair (where more than one dressing chair the distance should not be less than 1.0m between chairs);
    • Furniture used in the salon to be kept clean and sufficient lighting used in the salon;
    • Height between floor & ceiling in the work area must not be less than 2.30m;
    • The separate area designated  for manicure, pedicure, hair removing, henna designing  and the area  for each  activity must  not be less than  2.50m x 1.50m  and must have a proper partition.
    • The facial area must have a wash basin;
    • Preparation area for hair removing materials shall be made from fireproof materials;
    • A water heater available in the salon;
    • The salon should contain the following:
      1. Cupboard & drawers for keeping towels and cosmetics;
      2. Sufficient number of towels for one-time use by each customer;
      3. Disinfectant materials to disinfect tools before and after use and to keep them clean
      4. Covered waste bin;
      5. First aid box;
      6. Fire extinguisher system;
      7. Sterilizer machine for tools;
      8. Exhaust fan; and
      9. Hair wash basin  and hand  wash basin  with ceramic  tiles fixed not less than 0.5m around the basin.