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We’re a different kind of consulting firm. We have a simple belief which is to do what’s right for our clients and our people. This has guided us to become a challenger firm known for bringing big ideas with a delivery capability to back them up. We also build capability, not dependency which means that we leave businesses stronger in the knowledge that they should be able to tackle most business issues themselves.

For SMEs, the business owner is at the forefront of its success and so we ensure that whatever blueprint we develop is completely achievable.

Our startup consultancy services range from business model development, financial models, and business plans to mid- and long-term startup consulting projects. Our client base comprises of founders from the UK, Europe, West Africa and the Middle East.

Startup Advice

While many people keep talking about starting a business very few actually validate their idea. Book your personalised Startup Advice session and we will analyse your business idea, develop revenue streams, discuss financing options, develop a route-to-market strategy, discuss team building, give you lots of resources, analyse the feasibility, and provide you eventually with a roadmap for taking the next steps. The session will be transformational.

Our start-up services are designed for entrepreneurs that have a business idea but don’t have the knowledge, resources or the experience to move their concept forward. We offer a bespoke advisory service that gives clear direction and guidance on how to maximise the potential of your business idea and how to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

We discuss your business idea and listen to your thoughts on how you see it developing as a starting point for our own analysis. This analysis forms the basis for helping us test your business concept and determine the effectiveness and scalability of your idea.

We provide feedback based on our assessment of the potential for your business idea and your capabilities. We can also help you to set up your business and provide access to specialist resources.

Business Plan Writing Services

A business plan acts as the roadmap for how you drive the future and is a vital aid to help manage your startup effectively.

Why Is It Important to Have a Business Plan?

An effective business plan will help you to make better decisions; it gives the company a direction and provides you with the best platform to make the idea a success. A business plan helps you to understand your company and environment better. To ensure effectiveness, a London startup may look to business plan writing services.

A strong business plan also allows you to communicate your vision to others and can help attract the talent you’re looking for.

What’s Included in a Business Plan?

The business plan will include an executive summary; information about the management team; information about the products or services you intend to offer; the business model; detailed market research of the industry, competitors and customers; marketing strategy and a risk analysis. Include charts detailing financial projections over the next one to five years.

Our Business Plan Writing Service

At Startup Manufactory our team of experts and successful entrepreneurs have a wealth of knowledge and experience in planning, enabling the most effective business plan to be crafted, written with your goals in mind. As our consultants all have first-hand experience of running their own companies, along with outstanding academic excellence, they understand exactly what needs to be included in your business plan to make it a success.

Financial Models

We recognise that not everyone has got the time or the skills to be able to produce a solid financial model that meets industry standards in order to be submitted to angel investors or venture capital firms.
Our venture development consultants have a background in the financial services industry including family offices, venture capital firms, and major global banks. Over the course of their careers, they produced hundreds of financial models at financial industry standard which are required to have meaningful discussions with potential financiers such as bankers, business angels, and venture capital firms.
Before starting this process we will meet with you to discuss your personal business goals and requirements in more detail – in particular, we are interested in understanding the complexity of your business proposition, your business model, amount and type of funding required and time scale.

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Our knowledge and experience of helping to grow small businesses make us well placed to advise startups. We offer an independent and objective assessment of your business proposal through our understanding of small businesses, to ensure you have the best chance of success.

We help you to build a strong customer proposition, which creates natural differentiation from your competitors and makes it easier for you to attract new customers.

You have access to our key resources and guidance on how to make the most of them, helping you to save time and money with your business set up.

Our continuous analysis of the small business sector means that we are alert to changes and developments in different market sectors and we advise you of any suitable opportunities which we come across.