Determining your business activity


We're here to offer you our expertise and give you the clarity you need to make the right decisions and take the right actions. Our expertise is grounded in perspective, the kind that comes from a wealth of experience. Our perspective begins at eye level, with a clear understanding of your business objectives and the scope of your business.

When defining the scope of your business, the considerations are rather complex. You need to take into account the core activities categorised as 'industrial', 'professional' and 'trade/commercial', along with a multitude of organisational support functions such as administration, management, marketing, sales and distribution, technical support, maintenance and product development.

How2uae is here to guide you on the right path to setting up your business successfully. We will help you determine the suitable business activity and ensure you have a full understanding of the different business structures and jurisdictions available. So you can choose the activity that matches your business objectives and future business plans.

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Selecting your Location

Choosing a business location is perhaps the most important decision a small business owner or start-up will make, so it requires precise planning and research. It involves looking at demographics, assessing your supply chain, scoping the competition, staying on budget and understanding the laws.

Where should you locate your business? One expert will tell you location is absolutely vital to your company's success; another will argue that it really doesn't matter where you are-and they're both right. How important location is for your new company depends on the type of business, the facilities and other resources you need, as well as where your customers are?

The United Arab Emirates, works differently do the rest of the world. Depending on the location that you select, this will determine on the type of licensing authority and permissions you will need to obtain to register your company. So it is fairly important that you do your research and take into consideration your growth plans.


Selecting the type of licensed entity

The jurisdiction in which you register your company, can lead to risks and opportunities and it should be an important part of every company's strategic plan and growth. To successfully run through the wide ranging implications of a company's jurisdiction, you need a clear understanding of the operating environments in the UAE and a detailed knowledge of the regulations, benefits and limitations of each type of jurisdiction.

Overall, there are three distinct types of operating environments for companies to conduct business in the UAE: on-shore, off-shore and mid-shore (or Free Zone). The regulations and applicable criteria for each operating environment are different, as well as the costs involved. If you are considering conducting business locally within the UAE, a mid-shore (Free Zone) or a UAE on-shore company structure may be the most appropriate for you.

An off-shore company would be more suitable if the scope of your business requires that you operate outside the UAE. Our consultants at How2uae can provide comprehensive advice and support your company when facing the unique set of challenges related to selecting the right jurisdiction and obtaining the correct license.


Determining your Legal Structure

Depending on the chosen activity, number of partners (shareholders), whether a local sponsor or agent is appointed, along with a few additional factors, a business in Dubai can take several legal structures. It can be a Limited Liability Company (LLC), sole establishment, partnership, branch office or representative office, FZCO or FZE. For each legal structure there are specific requirements that must be met.

Determining the legal structure of a company is essential. This defines a company's vision, sets long-term goals and outlines the nature and scope of the business. It can further protect you by limiting your liability exposure.

At How2uae, we can utilise our experience and know-how to support clients in selecting the legal structure that will help protect their companies and assets, and put them on a sustainable growth path.