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What we do as Company Formation Specialists?

How2uae provides you with all of the possible options and solutions to suit your company formation requirements and budget. Our company formation specialists assist you with all types of business set-up and company incorporation services. We help incorporate all forms of trade licenses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The different types of licenses that exist are not limited to industrial, commercial, tourism and professional licenses. We will assign you a company formation specialist, to advise you on the best jurisdiction to set-up your company. We cover all onshore, free zone and offshore company establishments in the UAE. We also provide a range of strategic PRO services across the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Chamber of Commerce (DCC), Immigration and Ministry of Labour.

Why How2uae?

How2uae ensures you will obtain all the resources needed to build your company, lay your groundwork, establish your name, find the right clients and hire your employees. We will introduce you to the legal background in UAE and update you about any changes in the jurisdiction.

How2uae will help you lead an effective feasibility study to determine the credibility of your ideas.Our company formation specialist help guide you through the process, ensuring that you are legally incorporated and that you have a bank account to start generating sales for your company. You may wish to opt for additional services with our ur company formation specialists, who will also assist you in conducting thorough market research and crafting a winning business plan to ensure your success in the market.

Due to the thousands of permutations of business activity, license type and legal structure the selection process for business setup can be very challenging. At How2uae we are able to advise on the various options available to find the correct solution for you. We will ensure you find the optimum resolution in terms of price, time, and ease of business setup. We also offer a full PRO/visa service which is designed to minimise your administrative costs so that you can focus on your core business.

Why we do it?

The UAE is a creative ground for growth-oriented organisations from all over the world. But today, companies face many challenges due to the rapid growth and changes within the UAE. These challenges are even greater for organisations just entering the UAE, many of which are unprepared to address the complexities of an onshore, free zone or offshore set-up, a different culture, language and operating environment. Our company formation specialists are here to take the complexity out of your set-up.


How we do it?

We do this by combining business intelligence, local expertise and resourcefulness to provide our clients with the best solution that fits their specific needs and requirements, in a flexible, efficient and value driven manner. In addition to our procedural capabilities, we know how to respond to the complexity and challenges that come with working in a different language and culture, with varying local requirements and changing legislation. Each of our consultants brings extensive expertise in their own specialist areas, gained through years of operational experience. This enables us to directly match the right consultancy skill set to the particular needs of each of our clients. Our support at How2uae entails a methodical look at your needs today and for the future to help you choose the appropriate business structure.

Business Setup Made Easy.

Whether you want to set up an LLC, take advantage of the UAE’s many free zones or form a company offshore to mitigate your tax liabilities; we’re here to help every step of the way.

Licenses start from 7,000 AED

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