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Pest Control License Dubai

If you are looking at setting up a Pest Control License, it is important to understand the requirements prior to working on the setup. Pest Control Licenses are issued through the Department of Economic Development (DED). Pest Control Licenses includes firms engaged in plant protection and integrated pest management to control plant pest, fungal and soil diseases by using methods of control either manual, automatic, biological, chemical or by aircraft. Pest Control Licenses are control through Dubai Municipality and additional external approvals are required.

Additional Approvals for Pest Control include the following:
1. Engineer must be hired as a Supervisor
2. Engineer with bachelor’s degree in Agriculture/ Insect protection/ Pesticide protection/ public protection + 1-year experience in public heath pest control.
3. Engineer must complete and pass Exam at Dubai Municipality.
4. Pest Control Companies must hire a minimum of 2 technicians who will also need to pass the exam at Dubai Municipality
5. Pest Control Companies should have vehicles registered under the company name

Dubai Municipality lists all the approved Pest Control companies that have passed their criteria on their website. Please note that you will not be allowed to operate until the above requirements have been fulfilled.


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